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Sorry I haven't posted on here lately....I've been on vacation since the 17th, and I can rarely get on the computer.  I managed to run into a computer at the KOA we're staying at in Panguich, Utah.

Yes, Utah....yet another family road trip this summer....we went to the Grand Canyon yesterday, and I got a majour sunburn on my wrist where I usually wear my gay-pride wristband, and it hurts like hell.  The day before we went to Bryce Canyon...again...that was cool because the rocks are all red and white, and a lot of cool formations.  Tomorrow we're going to Zion Nat'l park, and do whatever...again....

My trip sounds what has everyone else been up to the las week or so?  I saw that there hasn't been anyone on in a while...
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Big news... OK not that big but whatever.

Elizabeth just posted a challenge up at hh_library. It runs for 10 days so there is plenty of time.

The Claws or as Rachel (the Gryff HoH) calls them "those who shall not be named", are trying to take an early lead for the cup. Good news it that because of hh_shops and challenge participation, We aren't that far behind! Remember that even mentioning the sorting comm anywhere counts for promotion points! Just link it here or in the promo post in hh_housecup.

I'm also really bored. And tired of trolling through userinfo's looking for stuff to update. Anything exciting happen to anyone lately? Anything at all?

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Name:Jessyka Or Lliana 
Age: Old enough to know better, and young  enough to do it anyway and to tell the people who don't like it to bite me!
Location:The Pacific NorthWest, USA 

Why did you join Hogwarts Home?: I was looking for an active community with people who were interesting. A place I could call home without the staidness and drama of other communities. Besides childofares suggested I join after my blow up with another community. 

Why do you think you were put in Slytherin?:
It must have been the bribes... errr generous donations... Just Kidding! Actually I think I was put here becasue I am beyond a shadow of a doubt a sneaky, conniving, twisted individual... Or at least that is what my friends tell me. I'm like Tex on Red vs Blue. Or at least that is what I got branded by my friends. 

Where are you going to be active in this community?:In everything that looks interesting.. that I can do of course. 

Tell us about yourself!:
Let me see... I like music and and art. I've been doing theater for over 25 years, which is a really long time. I still look and act like I'm in my early 20's even though I hit 30 the other year. I like to joke around, read and write almost anything. Nothing shocks me anymore. I have lived more in my life than many people get a chance to. I'm a hardcore member of the SCA (the Society of Creative Anacronism) I'm a Bard and a Herald. I spin, weave and knit to relax and I am addicted to Gary Oldman and Alan Rickman, and have been for more years than the Harry Potter universe existed. I ahve a tendancy to curse a lot usually have to type things over to remember to take it out otherwise half of what I write is profanity. I'm the mother of the most beautiful and manipulative 4 year old on the planet.
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Quick reminder!


I just wanted to send out one last reminder for those who haven't voted at hh_sorting to go do so, as I will be stamping the applications that are currently being voted on in the morning.

I am really hoping those Slytherin who haven't yet voted will go do so as we need to catch up to the Ravenclaws. I for one think that house cup will look quite smashing on our mantle in the common room. Besides, do we really want the Ravenclaws to win?

I want us to win...LOL

Oh yes, a detailed vote could earn you an extra five bonus points! And I really love to be able to give out extra points to our house!!!

Slytherin Prefect and
hh_sorting Gatekeeper
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Age:old enough

Location:New Hampsha, New England

Why did you join Hogwarts Home?:
so i had a place to haunt and spew. plus, i needed someplace that i could feel at home in. think i found it!

Why do you think you were put in Slytherin?:
the mischevious in me definitely slythered out in my application. the selfish and calculating diatribes probably helped.

Where are you going to be active in this community?:

Tell us about yourself!:
i tend to be wordy, can rant for hours, am totally and completely and undoubtedly in perpetual heat over alan rickman **pant, pant**, live in a zoo, behave like i live in a zoo, will give any book a chance, haven't touched pork or beef since 1993, believes martha stewart is the anti-christ, sleep walks... wait, make that sleepRUNS, sings in the shower, luv luv luvs ELO, am bipolar, am addicted to taco bell, will eat nothing but movie popcorn for days at a time, will do tricks for chocolate covered pretzels, thinks david strathairn is a cutie... likewise liev shribner and john cusak, can speak fluently in feline yowl, thinks orlando bloom should've kept the blonde hair extensions, believes in fairies and nymphs, likewise for creatures under the bed, piddled her pants at SPAMALOT the musical in boston last month (am STILL giggling over that show....), doesn't believe in housework (makes you ugly...), can go days at a time with no sleep, and finally, wants ten minutes behind closed doors with severus snape. make that twenty...

ta ta my dearest snakefiends.
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watched second part of the season finale of GREY'S ANATOMY tonite.

that dr. yang has got to be the most original character on tv to date.

i KNEW the heart dude denny was gonna kick this mortal coil.
just knew it.

i like true endings... and sometimes these true endings are NOT what the public wants. tough patooooties.... he had to die. to balance the show's originality and pluckiness, SOMEONE had to die. and they certainly were not going to kill off the surgeon.

sure, kill off the sweet dude that had a newfound love with life and with a hot intern.
squish him like grape.

i knew it
i knew it
i knew it

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Due to circumstances beyond my control, I had to get a second job. This means I'm now at work from three am to eleven pm, which obviously severely cuts into internet time. I need to know what to do, or who to talk to. I know part of the deal is to be involved, but I know I can't commit to a lot of time. Any ideas/suggestions?

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Name: Caiti
Age: 16
Location: um...slyth common rooms....irl...oregon (yeay for the west coast)
Why did you join Hogwarts Home?: Because I could. LOL. Um....because it's pretty different from the other sorting coms that I've checked out.
Why do you think you were put in Slytherin?: Because I'm loyal to my friends and I do what I can to get what I want.
Where are you going to be active in this community?: Anywhere and everywhere. Duh.
Tell us about yourself!: Um...I'm me. I <3 Penguins. ^_^*

I'm still shocked that I got placed into Slytherin. But I know I'll have loads of funn with all my fellow snakes. I'm a huge otaku (anime fan) and I can go into majour anime phase if you taunt me to or something like that. I <3 Hiei (if you couldn't tell by my sn).

Oh, also, I needs to gets me a snake icon to use in here. I'll be using ron for the time being until I find one.

Peace out all you snakes. <-----okay, that was lame.....